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Sunday, October 31, 2010 11:36 PM

Mississippi Monster Buck

Mississippi Monster Buck whitetail Monster cam dateline: Sunday, October 31, 2010 11:36 PM

This monster whitetail buck is at a private hunting camp near Jackson, Mississippi. This was taken in PGR 6 - "The Jungle". I just put a game camera out yesterday ... Jamie had pics of 5 different 125" + bucks. I accidently deleted the pic of the small 8pt whitetail buck in 18-1. Anyway, here is the pic of the deer in the jungle. I hope he's got a G3 on his left side. I can't tell. My game camera is still in there so maybe I'll get a better pic. He's a monster whitetail buck.

I only got one pic of the huge whitetail buck. I put out 4 more cams trying to get another pic of this deer. This buck is going to push 200 inches. I believe the shed I found at pipeline tripod was this buck from last year. Look at how thick this buck's neck & shoulders are. This buck is 220+ pounds. Soybeans have been good to the deer this year. The 2.5 year old bucks that I've seen have been close to 200 pounds. There is another big buck running with him the same size. Deer don't get to this age out there being stupid!

During whitetail bow season, I got a pic of the 3.5 year old buck I let walk. Nice buck. I have seen 2 other shooters - no time to shoot these bucks. I've seen 4 of the biggest whitetail deer of my life while hunting this year. This place has some studs!

Mississippi Monster Buck Huge Mississippi Buck Mature Mississippi Buck Mississippi Whitetail Buck
posted at 11:36 PM