Whitetail Deer Hunting and Trophy Bucks
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Saturday, December 4, 2010 6:33 AM CDT

Trophy Whitetail Buck Missed at Mississippi Hunting Club

Mississippi Trophy Whitetail Buck Missed whitetail trophy dateline: Saturday, December 4, 2010 6:33 AM CDT

My buddy, Rudolph, missed this trophy whitetail buck at his Mississippi Hunting Club near Jackson, Mississippi. Muzzle-loader shot was taken at 137 yards. He said it was a massive buck (150" +) and it looked like it had a wooden chair on it's head for antlers. Rudolph had a very sick feeling after missing this trophy whitetail buck. He could already see it sitting on the wall in this den. This trophy whitetail buck would have been a real wall-hanger. Note: see the white deer hair (no blood) from the brisket in the grassy photo below. The same day, a 170 pound doe was killed at the deer hunting camp. It's been a great season, seen 4 deer over 125" and got a shot on this 150+ monster.

Mississippi Buck   Trophy Whitetail Buck   Mississippi Trophy Whitetail Buck Missed
Sunday, September 26, 2010 11:39:31 PM CDT

Mississippi Hunting Club

Mississippi Buck whitetail trophy cam dateline: Sunday, September 26, 2010 11:39:31 PM CDT

This trophy whitetail buck is at a Mississippi Hunting Club near Jackson, Mississippi. I went to deer camp today to check bean harvest. They have cut everything on 18 side except back field in 18-1. Also have cut Daycare field. I put PGR-1B up and removed old camo from 18-5C. I also pulled my game camera from 18-2B food plot and Hanks from 18-4C food plot. My Moultrie flash camera took the first set of deer photos, Hanks Moultrie IR camera took the last set. Jimmy Dale also has game camera out (PGR-5 on creek) but has gotten nothing but whitetail does so far. I will send you deer photos of any whitetail bucks he sends me.

I put mine and Hanks deer camera out on September 7 when I disked the deer food plots I could get to so this is three weeks worth using two game cameras up in the hills nowhere near water or the most desirable browse (down on the creek). Figuring there are 20 different whitetail deer pictured with 2 game cameras in 2 of 30 food plots - you do the math. What is so amazing is that we donít jump deer every step we take in the woods. I believe this is because our whitetail deer lay in thick stuff and donít jump unless you literally step on top of them. There are around houses, cars, farming and hunters all the time and know how to hide. Donít get discouraged when the January lull hits! Keep hunting- the deer are there and most years, I get reports of monster bucks showing up in January.

I culled some of the whitetail doe pictures to keep file size smaller but there were more whitetail bucks than does. That pays off during the rut! Also note size of bucks. You CANNOT age deer at BRHC based on body size. You have to use the SHAPE of their body and head. We have killed 225# 2.5 year old whitetail buck and 200# does at BRHC. Our whitetail deer are freaking HUGE! Go to QDMA website and order their aging whitetail bucks on hoof materials if you donít know the geometry rules for bucks of different ages.

The oldest whitetail buck is 3.5. He is the 9/10 point in 283 (velvet) and 373 (hard rack). He would score in the low 120s. The rest of the whitetail bucks are 2.5 and 1.5. These are the subordinate bucks. The big uns are in more choice habitat I.e. by the water and lush vegetation on creek. I hope everybody will put game cameras out once the hunting starts but be mindful of the rules only to check them when you are hunting that area. Our place is not big enough for all of us to tromp around checking game cameras. Rule is that you donít have to say a peep about photos on your camera taken during the whitetail deer season until after the season. Then I hope you will come clean because that helps me and our DMAP biologist manage our whitetail deer herd.

Hope to c ya on Thursday if you can make it or Friday for opening day of bow if you cant.
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