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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shooting Deer in the Wind

Have you ever hunted deer in the wind on a windy day?

What affect does the wind play on your projectile in-flight?

On windy days, consider the wind speed when shooting. This is extremely important on longer shots. As you can see on the chart below, shots inside 100 feet are relatively unaffected by the wind. Likewise, shots taken with wind speeds below 10 knots are also virtually unaffected by the wind. When the wind speed is above 10 knots and outside of 100 feet, the wind starts to become a player.

Distance to Target Wind Speed
- 10 mph 20 mph 30 mph
100 yards 0.8 inches 1.6 inches 2.4 inches
200 yards 2.9 inches 5.9 inches 9.5 inches
300 yards 7.6 inches 15.3 inches 22.8 inches
posted at 10:02 PM