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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Whitetail Deer Weight Calculation Chart

Have you ever not had the time to weigh your harvested deer and subsequently wondered how much your deer weighed? Were you lucky on an evening hunt, but unlucky because you had to go to work the next morning? In too much of a hurry and you didn't have time to weigh the big buck? Well, here's a tool to help you! It's a chart to help you calculate whitetail deer live weights.

girth live weight field dressed deer meat
30 97 73 44
32 111 85 50
34 127 99 57
36 145 114 65
38 166 132 74
40 191 153 85
42 218 177 97
44 250 204 110
46 286 234 126

This calculation is based upon the girth of the deer in inches or field dressed weight in pounds or amount of meat in pounds that you received back from the butcher shop. If you have one of the three, then you can calculate the live weight of your big, medium or small deer.

Now you should know the weight of that big buck you harvested late one evening. Happy hunting and happier calculating of your big deer weights. Enjoy!
posted at 10:42 PM