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Monday, September 24, 2007

Whitetail Deer Shooting Lane

shooting lane How to make a shooting lane for whitetail deer hunting:

Like most of the South, in Southern Louisiana we lots of vegetation. Most of the time it's very hard to see whitetail deer due to all of the plant life. We have a hollow (or gully) that whitetail deer travel through, so we decided to clear it out so we could see the whitetail deer when they are moving. It's quite a large undertaking, cutting through the 12 foot high Scrub Oak. There's already over 100 man-hours in this project. The whitetail deer shooting lane is about half-way complete. We can see down into the hollow about 95 yards now. When complete, this whitetail deer hunting shooting lane should be 100 to 200 yards deep, traveling all the way to the open field behind the hollow.

Here's some photos of the progress we have made on our whitetail deer shooting lane. The photos are taken from our tree stand in a Water Oak.

shooting lane
August 5, 2007
make a shooting lane
August 11, 2007
deer shooting lane
August 26, 2007
whitetail deer shooting lane
September 2, 2007
shooting lane progress
September 15, 2007
shooting lane project
October 14, 2007
shooting lane project
October 28, 2007
shooting lane project
November 18, 2007
shooting lane project
November 20, 2007
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shooting lanes Shooting lanes for whitetail deer hunting
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