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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Red Fox Hunt

Red Fox Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes

I was whitetail deer hunting and climbed into the tree stand at around 2 pm. At 3:30 pm, I saw a grey fox running out of the woods at 150 yards. I have seen a few grey foxes from this tree stand over the past two (2) years beginning on January 26, 2005 as documented by my Grey Fox photograph and narrative. The grey fox ran across a bordering cut field of hay. The gray fox ran about 200 yards and stopped and stared for about a dozen seconds facing North. Then the gray fox ran back to where it was first seen, it turned around and again stared for around a dozen seconds facing North. The grey fox ran back out into the field, but this time only about 30 yards, and again it stopped and stared North for a dozen seconds. Finally the grey fox turned around and ran back into the woods.

I thought to myself, "hmmm ... that was kind of strange." Finally, I got to thinking, "I wonder what the gray fox was staring at in that field." I focused my binoculars on the spot where the gray fox was staring. It was through some fence row trees, so it was kind of hard to see what was over there, but luck was on my side and I spied a red fox. The red fox was about 300 yards away from me in a large field. The red fox was laying down on a foot high pile of hay. The red fox was taking a nap in the mid-afternoon sun. I wanted to harvest the red fox because he would go well with my trophy bobcat. I decided that the best way to engage the red fox was to stalk it by crawling into the field.

I climbed down out of the tree stand and walked over to the fence row of trees. I was now about 150 yards from the napping red fox. I went under the fence and trees to get into the red fox's field. I discarded all my gear except for my Winchester 270 rifle and crawled on all fours toward the napping red fox. There was a slight crested rise between myself and the red fox, although it actually was pretty close to being flat. I crawled to a point where I had line-of-sight to the red fox from my prone position. I was 90 yards from the red fox and it was time for the moment of truth. I sat up and rested my Winchester 270 rifle on my left knee. I took aim and tried to steady my breathing. I was finally able to simmer down a bit and was able to hold the pipper gun site on the red fox's belly. The red fox raised his head and looked my way. The red fox was checking me out when I let him have it. It was over. The red fox will be my trophy!

It's pretty amazing how the grey fox lead me to the red fox.

Happy Hunting, Bogey--->

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posted at 4:15 PM