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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ring Neck Pheasant

Ringneck Pheasant Ring-neck Pheasant

We love ring-neck pheasants. Phasianus colchicus is the ringneck pheasant's scientific name. If you only hunt one species of upland game bird, then probably it is ring-neck pheasant. Ringneck pheasant country is beautiful. It is neither wilderness nor tame neither. It is comprised of grassy cover, marshland, brushy fencerows and shelterbelts. All of it often surrounded by some kind of active agriculture. The male ringneck pheasant, a three (3) pound cockbird, is an exciting creature. The male ring-neck is a cackling, raucous explosion of gaudy color that's alarmingly tough to hit on the wing but feels mighty good stuffed in the back of your game vest after you finally shoot one. Ring-neck pheasant hunting is very enjoyable.

Ring neck pheasant
posted at 7:46 AM