Whitetail Deer Hunting and Trophy Bucks
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Whitetail Deer Habitat

Big Whitetail Doe Whitetail Deer at Night

Whitetails are everywhere. Whitetail deer are adaptable, beautiful and plentiful. Whitetail deer mainly live in the woods, but whitetails can adapt to nearly any habitat. Whitetail deer live in the forest, agriculture lands, mountain foothills, plains, river bottoms and brush lands. Whitetail deer prefer areas of "edge", between woods and fields, etc. Whitetails survive and thrive in the woodlot out your backdoor, wetlands down the road, farm fields everywhere, big woods up North, mountains in the East, river bottoms out West, and swamps down South.

Whitetail Doe
posted at 10:38 PM