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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Whitetail Deer Eat Caladiums

caladium hortulanum whitetail fawncam dateline: Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Something ate my neighbor's Caladiums last night. It was probably whitetail deer eating them under the cover of darkness. We have been observing a doe and her young fawn recently. Young fawns are fearless and will tread where other whitetail deer won't. I belieive the young whitetail fawn ate the Caladiums.

Caladiums (caladium hortulanum or Elephant Ear) are tropical American tuberous herbaceous plants, widely cultivated for their ornamental foliage. Caladiums are showy, fragile-looking, with large, arrowhead-shaped, variably coloured leaves marked in various patterns in white, green, pink, or red.

Whitetail deer like to eat Caladiums. Whitetails eat Caladiums.

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caladium hortulanum Elephant Ear
posted at 6:19 PM