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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

2003 New Year's Eve Eight-point Whitetail Buck

Eight Point Buck buck harvest dateline: Kentwood, Louisiana. December 31, 2003 at 5:15 PM

It was New Years Eve on Wednesday. Tomorrow would be 2004 and the lunar charts were forcasting poor hunting conditions, but it turned out to be my best day!

Weather conditions were clear, 32 degrees with the moon to be full in 6 days

0600 arrived in Kentwood and setup decoy in field
0630 up in the deer stand
0635 woodducks fly into the pond
0700 sunrise
0910 average doe crosses field E of pond, walking S
0920 same doe on hillside
1240 moonrise
1330 down out of stand to get a quick bite to eat
1500 back up in stand, sunny, calm, 67 degrees, I can hear Sandra with her dogs
1710 sunset
1715 a doe and 8-point buck are running from Aunt Helen's direction! Bang! Buck drops to ground
1725 climb down out of stand
1903 moon overhead will be full in 6 days

live weight = 220 lbs (100 lbs of meat)

What a great New Year's Eve!

New Years Eve 8-point Buck
posted at 10:00 PM