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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2000-2015 Whitetail Deer Hunting Log

Whitetail deer Here's my harvest hunting log for the 2000-2015 seasons:

2017 Northern Virginia - ??? (also unlucky draw for Colorado elk tag)
2016 Northern Virginia - none
2015 Northern Virginia - none
2014 Northern Virginia - none
2013 Northern Virginia - none
2012 did not hunt (DNH)
2011 did not hunt (DNH)
2010 did not hunt (DNH)
2009 Raymond, MS - Whitetail 8-point buck (also Colorado elk hunting trip, no luck)
2008 Kentwood & Lacombe (Fontainebleau), LA - none
2007 Kentwood, LA - 5 year old Whitetail doe
2006 Kentwood, LA - Red Fox, Whitetail button buck (oops), 2.5 year old doe
2005 Kentwood, LA - Whitetail 10-point buck and a small doe (Brett - spike)
2004 Kentwood, LA - Whitetail 8-point buck, 4-point buck, two does and a Bobcat
2003 Kentwood, LA - Whitetail 8-point buck and two does
2002 Kentwood, LA - Whitetail 6-point buck
2001 Roxie, MS - Whitetail doe and two young bucks
2000 Roxie, MS - Russian Sow & Whitetail 5-point buck

250 pound russian sow 8 point Whitetail buck eight point Whitetail buck Whitetail buck trophies fox mount taxidermy
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