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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hunt Whitetail Deer when the Barometer is Falling

Barometric pressure has a major impact on whitetail deer movement. Normally, one observes whitetail deer at dawn and dusk. At dawn, deer feed on their way to their bedding areas. At dusk, deer normally awake and start feeding. A good cold front will change this normal whitetail deer behavior. Whitetail deer are triggered into heavy feeding patterns before storms, when the barometer is falling rapidly.

A rapidly falling barometer is the perfect time to go whitetail deer hunting. When a cold front is inbound, the barometer will fall steadily. This is the time when whitetail deer will feed earlier than normal. Instead of coming out at dusk, they will be out a few hours early. This is the time when you can see the biggest and best deer browsing around in broad daylight.

On the front edge of a storm, look for deer to move. Whitetail deer will feed heavily when the deer detect a drop in parometric pressue. Deer hunting will also be productive the first few days behind a front.

To help you keep track of what the barometer is doing, here are some things you can do:

You can buy a barometer, watch the weather reports or simply get on the internet, go to www.weather.com and check out the current barometer reading and forecasted weather.

So, next time the cold front is inbound, it is time for you to get outbound to your favorite whitetail deer hunting stand.
posted at 1:25 PM